Your Oral Health and Wellness

Our first concern is your oral health and wellness. This relates to the health of your body as affected by your mouth and oral tissues.

The oral concerns that we evaluate and treat range from the health of your gums and tooth structure to the health of the soft tissues of the mouth including the tongue, lips, throat and cheeks. Oral cancer is a top priority, and we evaluate the mouth for any risk factors at all visits. The structure of your jaw bone and overlying gum tissues will affect your chewing, speech and smile. These are all important for good health.

The mouth and oral tissues are the gateway to breathing. Any obstruction to breathing caused by the oral tissues, tongue and throat are critical to your good health. Risks due to nighttime obstruction of the airway include heart attack, stroke, diabetes, obesity, reflux disease (GERD), daytime sleepiness, morning headaches and loss of sex drive. Millions of patients suffer from undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).